What Awaits You

Holistic Healing and Self-Discovery: From the moment you arrive, embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing. Engage in daily yoga sessions that align your body and soul, invigorating jungle walks that ground you in the present, and herbalism workshops that guide you back to what you have long forgotten.

Profound Connection with Nature: Each day will unfold nature's wisdom. Feel the earth beneath your feet as you trek through the jungle to discover a hidden waterfall, ground yourself, and reconnect with the timeless beauty that surrounds you at ancient women’s gatherings.

Workshops, Activities, and Ceremonies: Participate in herbal workshops and ceremonies. Learn about plant medicines and energetic practices that connect mind and body and bring you home to your soul. Experience the healing power of plants and tap into universal wisdom through carefully crafted rituals and womanly arts.

Cultural Immersion: Discover the culture and legends of Bali, the Island of the Gods as you feel into Hindu mythology. Immerse yourself in Balinese culture, where spirituality and nature are deeply intertwined.



Accommodation: Four-night stay at a beautiful venue

Meals: Three nourishing meals per day

AuraCloud3D Report: Personal energy report and aura photo with reflective key phrases

Herbal Correspondences:Customised herbal recommendations

Yoga and Meditation: Daily sessions for energy balancing

Herbal Tea Rituals: Daily rituals with herbal teas

Workshops and Talks: Herbalism workshops and discussions

Healing Rituals: Earth-connected ceremonies

Special Gathering: A Medicine Women's Waterfall gathering

Creative Practice: A creativity exploration practice

Ceremonies: A flower circle and fire ceremony

Sound Healing: A sound therapy session

Gift Bags: Provided by Alam Farma

Diaries & Lymphatic Drainage Tools: Provided by Slo Living

Preparation Guidance: One month in advance

Integration Activities: Take-home activity books

Sustainable Living: Focus on nourishing and sustainable practices

And More: Additional activities and surprises

Limited Time Offer!

Apply for our Early Bird Offer to our Echos of the Earth Retreat in Bali, Indonesia.


The Jungle Accommodation

  • Gladak – Private
  • Canopy – Private
  • Glamping 2 – Shared
  • Glamping 1 + 3 - Private
  • Bohemin  - Private
  • Rustic  - Shared
  • Loft – Shared
  • Boho 1 + 2 Private


Echoes of the Earth is more than a retreat; it's a journey toward your forgotten self. This sanctuary invites you to pause, breathe, simply be, and connect to the medicine woman within. Let the whispering winds carry you through moments of introspection, creativity, and full freedom to express yourself.

We invite you to explore one of the world's most spiritually rich and pristine destinations. Join us for a unique experience designed to guide you through the depths of mystic Balinese culture, herbalism, and the womanly arts through natural healing and ritualistic wisdom.

By participating in this retreat, you'll expand your consciousness and heart, creating space to connect more fully with your essence, purpose, and the healing power of nature. Our retreat focuses on guiding you closer to Mother Earth, allowing you to experience the deep wisdom that is within.

Apply for Our Early Bird Offer to the Echoes of the Earth Retreat Happening This November in Bali, Indonesia.