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Alam Farma Indonesia

Active Magnesium Oil - Recovery

Active Magnesium Oil - Recovery

Combining pure magnesium chloride with the pain relieving action of eugenol, the active constituent found in fresh clove essential oil. Recovery Magnesium Oil has overall benefits for your health and is the perfect recovery aid for sore muscles after a vigorous workout.

Our recovery oil also calms the central nervous system, reduces anxiety and puts the mind at ease. It aids serotonin production to ensure a calm and collected mood. The perfect healer can soothe sore muscles, reduce cramping and promote restful sleep.


Pure magnesium chloride, Distilled water, Fresh clove essential oil.


Apply after exercising to clean, dry skin.

For recovery - apply to muscle area and massage until warm.

For training support - 10 to 20 sprays morning and night.

Avoid contact with eyes.

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