Dear Women

We have something to share with you.

A long-forgotten calling that stirs within us, asking us to listen and reconnect.

“The Medicine woman is one of the most forgotten and suppressed human archetypes in human history – she is the wise woman, the visionary and seer, the intuitive, the healer, the priestess, and truth holder. She holds the gifts of energy healing and expanded consciousness"

She exists inside all of us but modern life and our disconnection from nature have suppressed her and do not allow us to express her to the fullest.

We need to set her free.

This is the calling and to answer it we invite you on a journey to the Island of the Gods.

Begin your journey by stepping into the serene embrace of Bali, a land where time slows, and nature's rhythms resonate with your soul.

Welcome to Echoes of the Earth - a retreat designed especially for the Medicine Woman inside you seeking to reconnect with the essence of nature and her true inner self.